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Stel 'n vraag. As ek nie direk antwoord nie, gaan asseblief na meta:User_talk:CartoonistHenning.


Oh! But what a thing to be pitied. The interlinks to Çciclopédia have not yet been put in place. Rhubella Marie 21:56, 21 Julie 2011 (UTC)

Special:Interwiki appears to not be functioning correctly on af: and mwl: because the version of mw:extension:SpecialInterwiki for MW1.17 (used by other wikis on this site at the moment) is not interchangeable with MW 1.19 alpha (used on af: and mwl: as these are newly-installed wikis). This should be resolved sometime after I've finished with the version upgrade on the existing wikis. The displayed symptom is that one can view but not edit the list of interwiki links. --Carlb 06:26, 22 Julie 2011 (UTC)
If it will be fixed over time, then it's nothing to worry about | CartoonistHenning 12:49, 22 Julie 2011 (UTC)
I am finding that I have to watch for minor differences such as the new MediaWiki wanting some different version of an extension - such as extension:Google Maps vs. extension:maps
or extension:PageCSS vs. extension:CSS
 {{#css:  .firstHeading {display:none}  }} 
... not to mention the minor differences in the RSS extensions. Sometimes one extension will work under MW 1.19 while another, seemingly-duplicate extension created by someone else to do the same job will be broken. There are also minor differences in the skins, which may affect site logo placement. Nothing major, just enough that each wiki has to be checked to see if anything doesn't look right after each new MW version. So far, af: mwl: and mapt are the only to have MW 1.19 but I do expect to add it to the others one-by-one if I can be sure it's not disrupting anything. --Carlb 13:19, 22 Julie 2011 (UTC)
Ah, okay. If I can replace it with anything, it's good. Carl, I really think MediaWiki developers (developers, developers!) can learn from these bugs. The UnSource of bugs! CartoonistHenning 13:31, 22 Julie 2011 (UTC)